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SWAT My Welcome Of Doom to you!!!
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Today is September 21, 2007. My favorite thing i have learned so far in Computer Science is javascript. The Least favorite thing I have learned so far in this class is putting information and scripts into different folders. I like that this class is organized and we learn new computer skills in making our new webpages. currently, I would not change anything. In the long run, I have no idea. Something interesting to me that has happened in slhs is the marines that came and showed us the silent drill. It was fascinating. The best thing about my summer break was the Cross Country practices and the computer gaming during the weekends. I didn't get to travel so I was upset but I hope I can travel next year or so. The summer break was too short. I hope we will have a long summer break so we can rest our tired mind from school and refresh, have fun, and enjoy life with the best possible way we can think of.





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Five Classmates

1. Julio Maravilla

2. Norman Duong

3. Huy Vo

4. Titus Green

5. Jack Li

I'm David Fang. People can call me Fangster or Lil David. I am a junior and will sleep!!!
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